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KEK code for Lattice QCD simulations

JLQCD code for lattice simulations of QCD


Current implementation:

  • Actions (Gauge: Wilson, Rectangle, Fermion: 2 flavors, 2 flavors Ratio, RHMC Nf flavors, RHMC Nf flavors ratio, Overlap)
  • Dirac operators (Wilson, Clover, Staggered, Adjoint Staggered, Overlap, Even-odd preconditioned Wilson, Generalized Domain Wall (4d-5d), Wilson Brillouin, Hybrid DomainWall-Overlap, Moebius Kernel)
  • Linear Solvers (Conjugate Gradient, BiCG Stabilized, Rational-Multishift)
  • Measurements (Quark propagators [Wilson, Domain Wall], momentum space propagators, Meson and Baryon correlators, Eigenmodes, Low mode preconditioning, Gauge fixing - Coulomb & Landau,Gauge quantities [Plaquette, Polyakov Loop, Wilson Loop], Topological charge, Wilson Flow)
  • Smearing (APE, Stout analytic), HMC Smeared runs
  • Random Number Generators (Mersenne Twister, Dynamic Creation Mersenne Twister)
  • I/O support (Plain ASCII, Plain binary, ILDG, NERSC, MILC, JLQCD-legacy)
  • Peter Boyle's BAGEL/BFM integration
  • XML control of program behavior
  • Lightweight, compiles in a minute...

Supported platforms


  • Main developers: Guido Cossu, J. Noaki
  • Specific routine development: Y. Cho, H. Fukaya
  • Code mantainers: G. Cossu, J. Noaki
  • Performance optimization: P. Boyle (BFM), G. Cossu, J. Doi (IBM libs)
  • Testers: S. Hashimoto, T. Kaneko, J. Noaki